Fatality after Fall

Employee fatally injured after fall An alert about hazards and risk controls associated with working at heights and working with forklifts, following the death of an employee. Background An employee at a Victorian workplace has died after falling from a steel cage while clearing ice from pipework with… Read More »Fatality after Fall

Death in Confined Space

Safety when working in confined spaces A reminder about the dangers of working in confined spaces. Background In October 2018, an apprentice died while working in an open-ended tanker. WorkSafe is still investigating the causes of this incident, including whether the apprentice was in fact and at law… Read More »Death in Confined Space

Confined Spaces Refresher

Confined Spaces Refresher – How often? Many times we get asked “what’s the legal requirement for refresher training”? The answer is not as simple as it seems. A qualification does not expire. It is a recommendation in AS2865-2009 that “regular refresher training” be undertaken. So what is “regular”?… Read More »Confined Spaces Refresher